Starseed Consultation with Report


This session will be a 1.5 hour Zoom 1 on 1 meeting along with a written report by me. The report will contain your direct starseed locations and connections of different constellations, star systems throughout the universe.
Being a lightworker and an advanced soul has a purpose and a mission in this lifetime, here and now, to assist Gaia in ascension. Each and every one of us choose this time and choose here and now. We are the way-showers, leaders, and the healers with special talents.
Let's unlock some of these talents and figure out if possible you are Elohim Starseed, Ophucius starseed, Sirius B or A, Vega, Lyra and so many more locations and also possibly portals. Many of us have many of these beautiful characteristics and so lets dive in together and get a better picture of who you are and also which generational planet you land on to show up for for this time of evolution. You have a duty to fulfill and the more you know, the more you can step forward without fear and just knowing your soul family has your back!