I am Michelle Garcia and I have been going through a spiritual awakening since December 2017 when I had my tower moment in life and thought I lost everything. I have been through divine boot camp and learning many modalities and tools to create and manifest my new life. Stripping my ego and healing the deepest wounds that I cam here to do. Not just for myself but for each and everyone of you who seeks me. IF you feel guided. The universe works in the most profound beautiful ways. I have learned to face fears, unplay the victim role and dissolve old beliefs and now I am working everyday to dissolve duality within my consciousness and ascend to the highest level I can on this planet! We purge, then we heal, then we shift and we ascend to the next level. It is continuous and it is not easy. Things you have learned since birth such as we have to live this way or that way and work hard to make money and do this or do that and judgement. That is duality. I'm going for neutrality type of life and work hard everyday to put awareness into my daily judgments of myself or people, places, or things. And than I contemplate why did I judge myself for that? Why did I allow that trigger, you go inside and contemplate purge the trigger fill them holes with love and keep going in the PRESENT moment. The past including yesterday does not affect my life today. Forgiving people and yourself is huge because I feel holding onto grudges of people that I perceive have hurt me is only hurting me and holding me back from where I want to be. I am grateful and thankful for all of life's experiences I have encountered in my life to learn the lessons that I needed to learn to heal the deepest wounds possible and I would not change 1 thing in my past because it played out the way it needed to actually the way I pre-set it all up to. Now I have set my life up where I can help you. Helping others to heal themselves if they choose and help them realize we are all one. Each and every one of us. All ONE! Unity consciousness. I am a light being having a human experience. Some people probably read this asking if this is really Michelle Garcia? LOL Yes it is! And this is the happiest time of my life! 2019 is the year for the Great Awakening! Many of you who may read this may question yourself as well and know deep inside their is another purpose. Life is not about working surviving and dying. You create your own reality and life and make choices. Everyone has a choice and no decision is good or bad. That is your experience. I can go on forever!! 

I offer to you spiritual guidance, major in depth healing through RAAH and AURA which were gifted to us from the collective RA! What a beautiful time right now to be here doing this! Those 2 healing modalities are fairly new and I learned them by beautiful Rising Phoenix Aurora. She is a walk in soul and a very gifted one that uses energy healing and alchemy symbols as modalities with her healing and also is assisted by the Angel's, ISIS, Delores Cannon, and many many more. Her YouTube changelog is Rising Phoenix Aurora. AURA is BQH sessions that last typically 3 - 5 hours and consists of me placing alchemy symbols in your chakras and having the guidance of many angels and your higher self to give you deep healing and removing of entities, reptilian consciousness, hooks, cords, negative implants for your highest good. RAAH is a form of Reiki doing the same thing as the AURA but no hypnosis involved and the alchemy symbols stay inside your chakras for continuous treatments if you feel guided for it. 

I also have been blessed with Meru Matu and her Quantum Astrololgy Course and her StarSeed Course to be able to give you a detailed report from you astrological natal chart of where your from and where you've been. Meru also is a walk in soul and I have done an AURA on her and BQH. That was a blessing for myself. She has guided me for the past year in many ways and teachings with her expertise in astrology. You can check her out on utube Sun Soul Astrology and she also has her own clothing line Pimp My Matrix which you can purchase from my website or from my store located in Geneseo NY. We are hybrids and have been to many galaxies and we are all here for a very special reason. Upon my awakening I wanted to find out where I am from and who am I? Huge questions I believe we all want to know after you realize your not just a human and there is so much more to it than what we may perceive. I offer natal chart readings with current transits and how its affecting you at this current moment and starseed readings to help you discover where your from and where you've been on a deeper level. 

I also offer IET healing. I am an advanced certified practitioner and that is a form of energy healing using Angel's to release karmic blocks and restore your chakras and taking off a huge layer of wounds. 

I am now currently being trained by the Tarot God Aquarius Brown with 1 on 1 sessions to offer you guidance and any challenges you may be facing and messages from the divine! Those will be available in about 3 weeks. After the tarot I will be also learning synastry charts. Find out if the person your dating is a true karmic here to teach you lessons and bring up your wounds and go through hell with. Lol Or I can guide you and you can know what your going in with so people cannot say, "I told you so." Than you can say I knew but I also knew he or she came into my life to help me grow, learn lessons and SHIFT! Sounds so crazy right? But this is all so real!

I'm also offering workshops weekly at my store if your local and if not you can join via zoom and each week they will be posted on my site what the workshop is all about for that week. There are many things happening this year and next year that does affect each and everyone of us awake or not because like I said we are all one! All appointments can be either in person or via zoom and yes even the hypnosis sessions and Reiki. All of them. More details under my menu button!! I hope I have touched some of you with my own personal story and those of you who know me know that this is definitely life changing for me and I love you all and thank you for visiting my site and taking the time in reading about me! God Bless You All!