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I had the most amazing hypnosis session with Michelle Garcia! I had done a similar session a few years ago but Michelle's session blew my mind!

She does a beautiful healing (for about 30 minutes) on you before the hypnosis begins and I think that it is a major component to the success of the session.

Then she proceeds with the hypnosis session. I was so blessed to have the experiences that I did! I connected with my soul parents and sister and learned a lot about what I did in a few other timelines. I was so moved by the love that I could feel from my soul family, it was like nothing else I had ever experienced!

I was also very fortunate to connect with my soul "mate" (I am not comfortable with labels!) and the the connection we made in my session was filled with so much love and longing I was brought to tears.

I highly recommend doing a session with Michelle. She is SO compassionate and loving that you will feel extremely protected and loved during the session.

Deanna R

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